This beautiful Shingle Roof home in Charcoal was a satisfying transformation. The home owner was beyond pleased with the finished look and left Kino Roofing a testimonial, which we greatly appreciated and want to share it with you guys. 'This year 2023 I was in dire need of a roof due to hail damage. After being turned down by several roofers due to my roof being extremely steep and difficult to work on, I found Kino Roofing. Both owners assured me that they would and could handle the many problems to my satisfaction. I found Kino Roofing to be very cordual and always helpful beyond expectations. I recommend the company especially if the job is large, steep and beyond difficult. I am pleased and my roof looks beautiful - D Wineinger '


Shingle Roof Home that was in need of a new roof. This roof had a leaking going as well as missing shingles. In the process of tearing off old shingles we ran into another layer of shingles which is never good for the roof. It can cause shingles to be less supportive overtime creating leaks and shingles to fall off. Also we ran into  many rotten plywood's all around the roof that we replaced with new plywood. With our GAF materials we installed synthetic underlayment, weatherguard on valleys, as well as a ridge vent, and with the final touch up of GAF PEWTER GREY TIMBERLINE HDZ SHINGLES. Our company always recommends homeowners to install a ridge vent because overtime the heat from the sun plus the heat that is in the attic starts to toast up shingles. This makes the granules pop off and the shingle brittle, causing the shingles to be less supportive. What the ridge vent does is helps release the hot air in the attic helping shingles breathe more and less exposure to heat. Another good thing about installing these is that it also helps shingles last longer and helps your house feel cooler especially during the SUMMER.   


Check out this BEAUTY of Elastomeric Coating and New Clay Tile Roof! This roof had 2 types of roof systems; LOW SLOPE & CLAY TILE. The following pictures show broken tiles, torn & water damaged underlayment, a leak on flat roof. We began this process by tearing off clay tile and old underlayment. Before installing new roof, we cleaned up the area from any dirt and nails. After this we began installing new underlayment of POLYGLASS TU MAXX, installing flashing in necessary areas to secure roof to wall. Then installing the final layer needed to secure roof over all which is the clay tile with mortar mix to properly give each tile more support and helping it hold strongly. Now with the flat roof we pressure washed any dirt and build up debris. Also gave it a coating as well as did a repair in a certain area which we had to do a 1 square replacement with new plywood, self adhering base sheet, and modified bitumen cap sheet. To complete project on flat roof we did 2 coats of GAF elastomeric. 


AAAHHHH!!!!! Big CHUNK of roof was blown OFF during this monsoon season! PLEASE make sure to prepare for next monsoon season so this doesn't happen. During this roofing project the home owner had hail and wind damage from this years 2023 monsoon storms. We helped the homeowner get a new roof for ONLY $1,000 by submitting a claim with their insurance. The insurance covered everything that was damaged by the storm. The only thing homeowner was responsible for was the deductible of $1,000. In addition to replacing their roof they requested to also install 1 skylight, and 2 solar cozy vents. Homeowner was super happy and our crew did an amzing job.  


NEW NEW NEW 2 story Roof & Body Paint!!! 

Kino Roofing just wanted to show off this Home with new Roof and Body paint. Homeowners were able to get roof and paint covered by their insurance due to hail storm damaging the shingles and stucco of home. The best thing about this is that they only paid $1,000. 


4 New Roofs! All Different Color Shingles! Next door neighbors rejuvenated after hail storm

ONLY FOR $1,000. If you find yourselves to be like these homeowners and have these kind of storm damages on your roof it is important you contact us for a new roof installation. Overtime if homeowners are not aware of this or don't decide to do anything, the roof will degrade causing leaks and be less supportive making it easier for storms to tear off roof.

STICK 'N' COAT Low Slope   

Take a look at the NEXT BIG THING for the future of Low slope roofs (flat roofs).

STICK 'N' COAT !!! Our crew did an amazing job on this new roof system. Say Bye to Hot Tar! Hot Tar has major risks to not only the roof but our workers. It is really unsafe due to the temperature needing to be at a certain degree for it to be placed on a roof. As well as by code we have to wait 30 days to let it dry for us to finish it off with elastomeric coating. It's not a fun process. However with stick n coat you get the best flat roof. For this home we did a 2 ply stick n coat which includes the process of installing the first layer of Elastobase SA, second layer of Polyglass LS Max and last layer of 2 coats of primer and polybrite 31. To top it off we also 3 course seal the base coat (elastobase sa) in the areas that it overlaps. 


Once again a new roof approved by their insurance due to hail damage on shingles and metals. For this roof homeowner choose the color golden amber from GAF with brown paint to the pipes and vents. 


Look at this GORGEOUS Transformation !!! From 3-Tab to GAF Timberline HDZ in color Mission Brown, @gafroofing. We are happy and grateful for the opportunity to give this home a SAFE roof. As you can see the before pictures, you'll notice severe hail damage on the shingle of the roof. It is important to know if your roof is SAFE from severe damages.

It's SAFE to say our inspections are FREE and get a FREE estimate right after! 


In the images shown to the left you can definitely notice this roof had severe damages. It did not only have damage on the roof but also on the fascia which is just as important. This roof had so many missing shingles, hail/wind damages and temporary fixes, it was time for a new roof. On the new roof pictures shown to the left you can see how good of a job we did. This owner has a new roof like if nothing happened. Invest in a roof replacement that adds value and beauty to your property ! Your DREAM HOME starts here.