What happens during an inspection?


On this page, we will answer the most common questions we get in reference to the initial inspection we provide. If you have additional questions, feel free to call us at (520) 653-9731.

What happens during the inspection?

During the inspection, you will be greeted by the inspector assigned to your file. They will also discuss with you what is going to occur during this inspection as well as what might follow. Soon after, the inspector will get on top of your roof and assess any and all damages found. They will be taking photos as well as making note of what is seen. From there, they will go down to communicate the findings of their inspection. 

Is the inspection free?

Most inspections are free. If you are within a 50 mile radius of our property, the inspection comes at no cost. After that, we do charge $1 per mile driven to and from your property. 

can i file a claim with my insurance?

Depending on the damages found, you may be eligible to file a claim with your insurance. If that is possible, our inspector will assist you in calling and submitting your claim. From there, our team works with your insurance to provide them all the information regarding your case, as well as working on getting your roof approved. We are dedicated to putting in a good fight with your insurance to ensure they approve as much as possible, leaving you with a smaller out of pocket cost. 

What is my out of pocket cost?

If you have filed a claim with your insurance, your only out of pocket costs include your deductible as well as any upgrades not approved by your insurance. 

If you are taking care of the payments for your roof, your whole cost of your roof replacement is your responsibility. In these cases, if the homeowner is interested in Financing, we do offer that and can finance you on the spot! 

is there anything i need to prepare for the inspection?

We do not need any additional information or have any other requirements from the homeowner, but to be present during the inspection! We schedule the inspection at a time and date that works for, both, you and us! It's best to be present as we can communicate all our findings then and not delay the process!

Are the estimates/quotes free?

We do not charge for the estimates we create! They are completely free.